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  1. How can I be sure that I will see the Last Supper and that my booking was successful?
    Last Supper Milano has allotments of tickets and once the booking procedure has been completed the system decreases automatically the number of slots still available. In other words the same ticket cannot be booked twice. You will receive confirmation of payment from Paypal and you will be e-mailed a detailed voucher within maximum 48 hours from booking.

  2. Can I just buy the ticket without the tour?
    No. We are not a ticket retailer and we only provide guided tours that include the Last Supper because in our experience it is the best way to appreciate Leonardo’s masterpiece in the brief lapse of time given. Booking fees, commissions, guided tour and happy hour (when contemplated) are always included.

  3. Why do I have to book so much in advance and is it possible to show up and queue to get a ticket?
    Since 1999, following the 21 year restoration, there has been no more queueing at Leonardo’s Last Supper as advance booking is required. Tickets are limited and sell out fast, so to be sure to view the painting it is advisable to book beforehand. From time to time you may find spare tickets at odd hours, but if you are travelling from abroad you probably do not want to miss what might be your only chance to admire this masterpiece.

  4. Do I need to print my voucher and take it along?
    Yes because you need to show it to the registered guide who will take you on the tour. The voucher also has detailed information about meeting points and how to reach them by public transport. Mostly all of the sites are in the centre and can be reached on foot.

  5. Where do I meet and how to I recognize the tourist guide?
    Meeting places vary according to the itinerary but they are clearly stated on your voucher. Guide will have a sign with the logo of Last Supper Milano and/or of our partner website Art Discoveries Milano. Just keep your eyes open and look out for it.

  6. Can I collect tickets simply by showing up at the Last Supper Ticket desk?
    Tickets cannot be collected directly at the Last Supper ticket desk but only from your guide. If you have booked a tour that starts from the Church of St. Maria delle Grazie (i.e. Last Supper & Happy Hour) you must always wait for the guide outside the museum.

  7. Do I need to reconfirm or can I cancel and get a refund?
    You need not reconfirm because tickets are assigned to you. If you cannot use them because you changed your mind or travel plans you can give them to a friend along with the voucher. Unfortunately, once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded because they are valid only for that specific day and allotted time.

  8. What happens if I am late and miss the group?
    Honestly it could be a problem so we recommend showing up on time. But if for any reason you have more than a few minutes delay and group has already left, go directly to the Last Supper museum and wait patiently outside until group shows up. Although tours do not always follow the same pattern and itinerary, we try scheduling the Last Supper at the beginning. We cannot assure you that you will catch up with the group, but you can try. Printing the itinerary could be of help. But as the adagio goes: better safe than sorry, so punctuality is essential.